9 Jun 2022


Dear friends of L.I.E,

Please note that all future activity will be announced via www.4142.co.uk and on instagram via @4one4two. This web address is an archive of activity from 2011-2015.

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23 Jan 2020

Collection now located in West Cornwall

The L.I.E Collection is now located in West Cornwall. For more information about forthcoming projects watch here and on instagram at: instagram.com/libraryofindependentexchange  

PLEASE NOTE: The old website/domain name, including the email address associated with that domain, is no longer active.

NEW domain: www.l-i-e-booksetc.blogspot.com

NEW email: liebooksetc@gmail.com

28 May 2015

Christopher Green & L.I.E invite..

Christopher Green & L.I.E invite..

0fr, 3 Rue Paul Dubois, Paris
2 - 7 June 2015

For six days beginning 2nd June 2015 Christopher Green and L.I.E ( Library of Independent Exchange) will orchestrate activities at the showroom of the bookstore 0fr on Rue Paul Dubois, Paris. The ground floor of the showroom will function as an office and provisional show-space for L.I.E and Christopher Green. Each day a different guest is given effective carte blanche, and invited to curate a programme of activity for the showroom’s basement space.

"It is my hope that this collaborative approach and eclectic programming will both enable and encourage host, guest, and audience to interact with one another, thus fostering discussions and an exchange of ideas. Established relationships may be developed, and new ones initiated. I, Christopher Green, will be present daily, overseeing the operation of the ground floor space and acting as ‘ambassador’ for the project." C.G.

Founded by Christopher Green and Mark James in 2011, L.I.E was conceived as a temporary independent arts reference library and event space. Rather than presenting itself as a conventional Library, L.I.E aims to explore how a resource functions and how it can be utilised, through exploring the processes of publishing, collaboration, and dissemination. Selected projects include L.I.E Notes for Art Licks magazine, L.I.E Lectern at Arnolfini, Bristol, L.I.E Design School 2013 at Plymouth Arts Centre. www.l-i-e.co.uk

Christopher Green is an artist currently based in London. Selected recent exhibitions include Title 5 (solo, opening 17 June) at Hannah Barry Gallery, London, and A castle in the blue (solo, curated by R.C. Sheering) at Fokidos, Athens. www.christophergreen.org.uk

0fr is a bookstore and project space located in Paris, France founded and run by Alexandre and Marie Thumerelle. www.ofrsystem.com



Tuesday 2 June

18:00 - 20:00       
  • Book launch for ‘L.I.E Lists of Ten Books’ published by L.I.E. L.I.E invited key proponents of "the book” to submit a list of ten important titles that form part of their personal book collections. The book includes 20 contributions from Ed Ruscha, Olivia Plender, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Benjamin Sommerhalder, Lionel Bovier, OMMU, Fraser Muggeridge, Torpedo Press, and Axel Wieder amongst others. ‘L.I.E Lists of Ten Books’ was recently selected by MoMA Art Library, NYC for their permanent collection. www.l-i-e.co.uk

Wednesday 3 June

11:00 - 17:00       

18:00 - 20:00       
  • Book launch for ‘Evaluation of space Part 5d. Fence Panels’ by London based artist Oliver Griffin, published by Loose Joints. Part 5d. of Griffin’s project ‘Evaluation of Space’ takes the form of an essay in pictures and words about the humble fence panel. Recreated in an edition of 50 are Griffin’s 14 original hand-prints and proofs from the series. www.olivergriffin.co.uk

Thursday 4 June
16:00 - 20:00       
  • Book launch and signing for 'Open Books Volumes - A, B, C, D and E' by Paris based curator Charlotte Cheetham & London based Graphic Designer Sophie Demay, printed and published by Hato Press. 'Open Books Volumes - A, B, C, D and E' can be understood as a catalogue, a collection of captions, images, a series of invitations, a bookmark left in places the editors would like someone to stop. Sitting between an open book and an exhibition, it accompanies, completes and supports the research undertaken by its editors Charlotte Cheetham and Sophie Demay. www.open-books.tumblr.com

19:00 - 20:00        
  • Performance "The Man to be Seen from Mars - Pierres Flasques Détaillées" by Alex Balgiu and Fabrice Mabime.

Friday 5 June

11:00 - 20:00       
  • 'Screen Self-Scripting'; Film and video works by Hannah Quinlan Anderson & Rosie Hastings, Nelson Bourrec Carter, Kenny Dunkan, Georges Jacotey, Samuel Kenswil, Jala Wahid, curated by Thomas Butler. Speaking about his Screen Test series, Andy Warhol remarked of his fascination for factory associates who could “turn on” and “be their own script”. Warhol anticipated or prophesised the intense self-scripting demanded by today’s neoliberal economy. He saw how the subject would be tested and stretched, both physically and physiologically, and expected to acquire a new set of skills for each interview or engagement. In the present series of videos, made by artists based in London, LA, Athens and Paris, self-scripting is examined by the queer subject. The paradigm - our spectacle society – still exacts specific demands vis-à-vis our own subjectivity and the images that we are exposed to – this in turn has co-opted a certain “gay” subject that is politically disengaged or neutral. If Freud was correct when he said that the ego is a kind of image, then it is possible to assume that it acts as a screen onto which we project certain identities and idealisations. Many of the videos presented here examine this through two different modes – and often conflate them: the first, image as commodity and the second, image as celebrity. Some are purely concerned with the kind of subjectivity that was performed by Warhol’s subjects. Above all, the videos act to deconstruct and interrogate certain received notions we have as subjects via-à-vis the screen.

18:00 - 20:00       
  • Book launch for ‘Running is Flying Intermittently’ by London-based French writer and musician Alain Brémond. Brémond will be reading extracts from the book on the night. ‘Running is Flying Intermittently’ is a literary manifestation of Brémond's approach to making music; the mixing of two different genres (Electro & Jazz) are here supplanted with Twitter-style (short punchlines) and Beat-style (long stream of consciousness) using his own unique rendering of the English language. The book's content was written mostly on Brémond's mobile phone 'whilst travelling on buses, on dance floors, in house parties, before going on stage, queuing at the toilet or waiting at the bar' in an attempt to capture and articulate the present moment. www.bremondmusic.com

Saturday 6 June

11:00 - 17:00       
  • A selection of dance-related short films by artists Yvonne Rainer, Henry Hills, and Kersti Jan Werdal. The selected works intersect in their exploration of movement and exposure of the human body, while standing out with their own distinct editing style and cinematography. Films will be screened throughout the day on a continuous loop. New York based artist Kersti Jan Werdal will present selected rare books and ephemera from the collection of NYC bookstore Mast Books in the upstairs space from 5 - 6 June. www.kerstijanwerdal.com 

18:00 - 20:00       
  • Book launch for ‘Ex Libris’ by New York based painter Robert Janitz, published by Rainoff books. A special audio recording of Janitz reading the entire book from cover to cover will be played during the launch. The reading will be accompanied by a slideshow of images plucked from the artist’s instagram account. ‘Ex Libris’ references Janitz’s dedication to the balance between exposure and obfuscation, the private and the known. Including a reprint of Joy William's seminal short story The Yard Boy and a complete facsimile of Heta Kircher Janitz' 1959 Masters thesis on fabric weaving, the book examines the dead-pan poetry that typifies the artist's work. www.rainoff.info

Sunday 7 June

11:00 - 15:00        

For more information contact Christopher Green: cgreenpost@gmail.com.

27 Feb 2015

Art Licks issue 16 out now featuring L.I.E

L.I.E for Art Licks issue 16 is out now, featuring our interview with Canadian artists Michael Dumontier and Neil Farber.

30 Jan 2015

Recent Acquisitions

Recent acquisitions courtesy Alma Matters / Mark Simmonds, Oliver Griffin & ABC, Freddy Dewe Matthews.

28 Sept 2014

Art Licks issue 15 out now featuring L.I.E

L.I.E Notes for Art Licks issue 15 out now featuring our interviews with artists John Tremblay and Anita di Bianco.

Click here for more info

30 Jul 2014

L.I.E Notes for Art Licks

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Art Licks magazine entitled 'L.I.E Notes'.

The premise behind this ongoing feature is to introduce to a new audience, a selection of people whose practices are of interest to L.I.E. Each issue will feature people whose work is inspired or affected by books/reading. This is an extension of L.I.E’s ideas of using books to engineer an exchange of ideas and discussion.